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CAGES & TOYS: Animal Environments Stainless Steel Macaw Cage (Parrot / Bir

Posted by Orlando, Florida 32839 on 9/19/12

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    Animal Environments Stainless Steel Macaw Cage


    Made in USA of 100% top quality surgical stainless steel

    Includes: Four removable Feeding Systems; Brand New (unused)
    Stainless Tray; Solid piece seed Catcher (Skirt/Apron);
    Rolling Base; Body of Cage which includes one locking door;
    Dome; Brand New (unused) Animal Environments Custom Perches
    for arch to mimic natural movement of limbs in trees;
    Stainless Steel Animal Environments Food/Toy Kabob.

    It breaks apart into four pieces -- dome, body, base, and
    apron. Plus the four feeding systems are removable. This
    cage also has an adjustable grate, allowing for the owner to
    move the grate higher for babies and seniors so the drop
    from the perch is not as high (reflected in one of the
    pictures). Always kept inside. It is in EXCELLENT condition
    for a used cage.

    These cages are produced in the USA with quality materials
    -- 100% Stainless Steel. This is not a cheap imported cage.
    For a price comparison, please visit the manufacture
    website, which you will notice is $2,890 for a cage with two
    feeders: .

    We are only selling this cage, as we are purchasing a Luxor
    cage by the same manufacture, who is known as being the GOLD
    STANDARD - and for producing the "Rolls Royce" of cages.

    Please feel free to ask questions.


    Approximate Weight: 175 lbs / 79.5 kg
    Bar Diameter: 1/4" / 6.35 mm
    Bar Spacing: 1-1/2" / 38.1 mm

    Approximate Inside Dimension -
    H58" x W44" x D28"
    H145cm x W110cm x D70cm
    Height from floor - 73 inches / 183 cm

    Shipping expenses to be paid for by Buyer.

    Shipping within USA: If you live out of the State of
    Florida, we will assist you with shipping needs. We are
    able to safety store this cage until you can arrange for
    shipping. For quotes, we suggest you use UShip and allow a
    one month window for delivery to get the best rates. . We will not be responsible for any
    damage sustained to the cage once it leaves our possession.

    International Shipments: We are willing to assist with
    international shipments and will transport to a port within
    three hours of Orlando to put on barge shipment, but you
    will be responsible for the expense of crating, as well as
    the expense of transport from Orlando to Miami to put on
    barge. International Buyers are also responsible for all
    custom fees, shipping fees, insurance fees and will be
    responsible for any damage sustained once the item leaves my


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