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CAGES & TOYS: Breeder Equipment for Sale

Posted by Lansing, MI on 5/09/13

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    I have a brinsea octogon 20 used maybe 4 times for eclectus
    eggs. Works perfect. Still have the original box. $100 will
    ship at buyers expense Joe Freed's petiatric Digital
    brooder. Works perfect! This is my absolute favorite
    brooder. Keeps perfect temp, easy to travel with, humidity
    is good, easy to clean. Slight discoloration from being
    near a window. $250 will ship at buyers expense. 2 metal
    nestboxes 1 is a z box that was used for my vos eclectus
    pair, the other is an L box used for a pair of mini macaws.
    $75 a piece will ship at buyers expense.

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