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CAGES & TOYS: Aviary for songbirds for sale

Posted by J Marsh / McHenry, IL on 9/21/13

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    Beautiful wooden aviary for songbirds! Perfect size for
    finches! So much more room than a cage and easy to
    maintain, with storage underneath too! No more seed on the
    floor to clean up all the time! Ventilation, overhead
    lighting, plexiglass for safety and a real pear tree branch
    for natural perching! These pictures do not show how nice
    this is! This is furniture for any room! Imagine how nice
    to be able to enjoy your birds without seeing them behind
    bars! One piece all wood, not pressed wood! Includes
    waterer, feeder dish and corn cob for bottom cleanliness. I
    would provide cedar shavings if you prefer! Dimensions are
    72 inches tall, 53 inches wide, 15 inches deep. I also make
    wood nest boxes to the size you need. Be sure to include
    "aviary" in your response so I don't delete your e-mail!

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