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Posted by Surendra on 12/09/15

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    مسعود می‌گه:Paid Israeli propaganda The National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) has bcmoee a full-time partner in the Israeli government’s efforts to spread its propaganda online and on college campuses around the world. NUIS has launched a program to pay Israeli university students $2,000 to spread pro-Israel propaganda online for 5 hours per week from the “comfort of home.” The union is also partnering with Israel’s Jewish Agency to send Israeli students as missionaries to spread propaganda in other countries, for which they will also receive a stipend. This active recruitment of Israeli students is part of Israel’s orchestrated effort to suppress the Palestinian solidarity movement under the guise of combating “delegitimization” of Israel and anti-Semitism. DOWN WITH DUMB IRANIAN OPPOSITION GROUPS WHO ARE IN THE SERVICE OF WAR CRIMINALSThe dumb Iranian Green sell out who have been exposed all over the world are trying to fool gullible people like themselves, but it won't work.

مسعود می‌گه:Paid Isr

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