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Posted by California on 3/14/18

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    Made 100% in the USA, Beastware only uses the highest
    quality clay and LEAD FREE GLAZE.

    Our ceramic crocks were created specifically for our own
    Macaws. We wanted to keep their beloved, old, cages and
    play stands but couldn't find Macaw-worthy food bowls to
    fit the holders. Due to this unmet need, we started making
    our own crocks.

    Although Beastware Crocks are a little lighter than those
    wonderful Fenix crocks were, we tried and tested them on
    our Macaws to assure they have enough heft to withstand
    their abuse and powerful beaks.

    Extremely safe and durable, Beastware Crocks absorb
    nothing, emit nothing, and don't blister or peel when
    exposed to bleach or hot water. They're chew resistant,
    flip resistant, and dishwasher friendly.

    #2 size is being offered at a low, introductory prices in
    the following California retail locations:

    *Anaheim Feed, Anaheim
    *Bird Stuff, Tustin
    *Exotic Birds by Fran, Cypress
    *Magnolia Bird Farm, Anaheim & Riverside
    *Midway City Feed Store, Midway City
    *Pottsee's Exotics, Bellflower

    The Introductory prices are temporary and vary by
    location. They are intended to thank the feed stores and
    retailers who have served us so well for the last 35
    years. If possible, please patronize one of these fine

    If you are not in California, please send a note to let us
    know of your interest. #2 size is immediately available
    and #1 and #00 sizes will be available in the coming

    As bird owners, we understand that being a good steward can
    be costly. We've kept our prices as low as possible and
    consider our crocks to be a valuable investment.

    Our regular prices reflect the cost of doing business in
    California and the process of manufacturing Macaw-worthy
    crocks. The manufacture of Beastware provides jobs to 25
    Californians who earn a living-wage in safe working
    conditions. Our regular prices for #2, #1, and #00 are:
    $20, $18, and $12.50 respectively.

    In addition to being a familiar, old, friend to our birds,
    our ceramic crocks have eliminated the need for costly Vet
    care due to ingested plastic or leached lead. And we no
    longer need to replace plastic bowls that blistered,
    peeled, or got broken when thrown to the floor.

    Bless the beasts!

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