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To report a questionable post, please email us at "" with the words "inappropiate classified ad" in the subject line, and the full URL (web address) of the post in question.

CAUTION - "LOST" PARROT SCAMS! Please be aware that scam artists are known to target finders of lost parrots. The parrot you found may have a substantial monetary value. Scam artists are aware of this fact, and will prey upon honest people who attempt to return the parrot to its grieving owner. PLEASE TAKE THESE STEPS TO PROTECT THE LOST PARROT!

Never mention the parrot's species or any identifying marks (such as missing toes) - rather, simply describe the bird in general (e.g. "medium-sized green parrot found in Philadelphia area"). Always make sure the person claiming the parrot can identify the parrot to your complete satisfaction. While parrots may be "breeding stock" it's a very good sign if the parrot responds positively to the person showing up to claim the bird.

Some parrots - especially the larger, more endangered (costly) species may contain a small computer microchip which only an avian veterinarian can find and decode. Some parrots may also have a "DNA fingerpint" which allows a small blood sample to be taken and checked against the DNA registry.

Please take the greatest care possible to ensure that the parrot you find ends up back in the care of its true owner! The parrot's family is likely distraught over the parrot's loss, its safe return rests soley in your hands!

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