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Found: Bridlewood / Flower Mound, Texas on 9/10/07

    Someone just emailed me asking when the bird was found but
    has not included an email for me to respond to. So please
    resend me an email and include either an email or some way
    of communicating with you. Please also provide a
    description of your bird (color, markings, specific
    variations, clipped, not clipped, features on beak, etc)
    and if you lost your bird on AUGUST 1st or SEPTEMBER 1st.

    We have grown attached to this birdie and are taking the
    best care that we can (we're learning) of it and would
    love to keep her HOWEVER if the rightful owner steps
    forward then by all means, this bird needs to be returned
    to them but since we've become attached to it, we need to
    be sure that it's being returned to the correct family!!

    Please don't send emails asking ME info on the bird.
    Provide the descriptions and any markings and details and
    a picture. If this one looks even close, we'll make
    arrangements to meet to see if this one is yours.
    Thank you.

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