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BIRDS FOUND: Normal Grey Cockatiel Males (2)

Found: Bergen Co/Teterboro, N. Jersey on 9/30/07

    There are two male normal grey cockatiels on petfinder in
    shelter listings at the Bergen County Animal Control in
    Teterboro, New Jersey it doesn't say if they are strays or
    turnins but I believe they may be strays as they say they
    have to keep the cage for others that may come in if they
    were owner relinquished they would let the cage go with
    them. They say to come not call as they get a high volume
    of calls since they serve 51 communities and the birds may
    be adopted before you get there if you call. If you are
    missing a cockatiel male normal grey - grey body white on
    wings yellow face orange cheeks and yellow and grey crest
    check them out Thier pictures are on petfinder shelter

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