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BIRDS FOUND: Cockatiels

Found: Toms River NJersey and Takoma Park Md on 1/05/08

    I still have 2 found cockatiels that I am Fostering, One
    was found in Takoma Park, Maryland August 21, 2007 and the
    other was found in Toms River New Jersey September 15-17th
    2007, Please describe your lost baby and send a picture
    if you have any, the one found in Takoma Park has a leg
    band and is a female she was very ill when found and was
    cared for by my avian vet she is fully recovered and ready
    to go home to her family, the other has a distinguishing
    sound and is a male he has taken a shining to the female.
    If no one claims they will be adopted into my flock.

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