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Found: Found: West Windsor, NJ (Princeton area) on 9/20/08

    Found: Lovebird, August 25, 2008

    This visitor was first spotted at our bird feeders and our
    first attempts to trap it were usuccessful, so we placed a
    couple small computer speakers in an open window and played
    YouTube videos of Lovebirds chattering. Not long after we
    started playing the Lovebird sounds, the lost bird became
    so excited that it flew through one of the open windows
    into our house.

    Please e-mail me with a description of your lost bird or a
    photo so we can confirm that you are the owner and arrange
    to return the bird to you.

    E-mail address:

    The bird is being well taken care of and will remain with
    me if the owner is not located.

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