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BIRDS FOUND: White-Crowned Pionus (white capped)

Found: South West of Detroit area, MI on 3/07/09


    We found a white-crowned pionus back in Oct 2007, we've
    been taking care of the bird for the past year. I had
    posted an ad on this site once before about a year ago,
    but at the time, I didn't know what type of bird it was.
    Hopefully, I can still find its owner. I know these birds
    are pretty expensive.

    So, if you've lost a white crowned pionus in the Detroit
    area, this may be your bird. When it was found, the bird's
    wings were clipped, but had grown out so he could fly a
    little bit. It couldn't have come from very far away.

    We can't keep it much longer, so please contact me ASAP!


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