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BIRDS FOUND: Small, Uncommon, Green Parrot [@ 75 grams]

Found: Mansfield, TX on 8/14/15

    On Tues, Aug 11th 2015, a small [uncommon breed] green
    parrot with clipped flight feathers that have grown back
    in, was found and caught at a local Mansfield resident's
    wild bird feeder - this is definitely someone's hand tame
    bird and I am on a mission to find this little bird's
    owners. Since the flight feathers had grown enough for
    flight, this bird may not have originated in the Mansfield
    area and could have flown there from other areas of DFW.
    The resident transferred the bird to me for fostering while
    searching for owner[s] Please contact me if you lost a
    small green parrot and have prepared info. on ID'ing your

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