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Found: Jenni on 12/09/15

    Budgies are great pets! Make sure though, if you get a buigde, get 2! Budgies are very SOCIAL creatures, and should never be alone. Her is a list of items you will need. You can usually buy these all at the pet store. NEVER keep birds that are the opposite sex together, because you will end up with a lot of birdies! I suggest getting 2 very young males or females, so you can hand-train them and teach them how to talk.Budgies: usually about 15-20$ each so that is around 40$Cage: Buy the biggest cage yoy can afford. Sounds like you have 400-500$ so I would buy a cage that is at least worth 70$ so it can be fairly large for two birds. Keep the cage in a warm area, away from drafts and keep it high up where your birds will feel safe. Make sure you keep the cage in the busiest room- so your keets will have lots of human attention.If you decide to buy a buigde, you should buy an extra cage. This will used while the two buigdes get to know each other. If you end up not using it, you can use it as a hospital cage- incase one of your birds gets sick or a carrier cage2 cages probably around 120$Food and water dishes: You can buy these at a pet store- around 5$If you don't buy siblings- you will need 2 food bowls, 2 water bowls, 2 cuttlebones, and 2 bathtubs.Perches- you should have a variety of perches- a natural stick perch, a pedicure perch, a rope perch, wooden perches, etc. These should cost you around 15$Swings: Budgies love swings- you should probably have about 2 or 3 of these. These will cost around 10$Toys- Budgies cannot live without toys! You will need a mirror, toys that make sound ( bells) rope toys, wooden toys, shredable toys, toys that move, buigdes need toys! Try getting a ladder too! Toys should add up to 30$ or more, because you will need to buy extra to switch the toys out about once a month.Cuttlebones: These are very cheap, and birds need these to trim their beaks down. Around 4$Food: Budgies should not just eat bird seed! Find a good quality bird mixture. This should cost around 8$. Buying a young parakeet is very important, because babies are more likely to trust you and take new foods. Budgies need to be fed fresh fruits and veggies dailyThe Association of Avian Veterinarians recommends the following diet for a parakeet: 50% cooked beans, whole wheat bread, cooked rice, pasta, and seed45% fresh broccoli, carrots, yams, spinach, dandelion greens, other green/orange fruits and veggies5% eggs, tuna packed in water, well cooked meat Bathtub: These should cost around 5$. Budgies need to bathe every day!Playgym Budgies need some form of exercise, but these gyms can cost anywhere from 10- 100$.I can estimate everything will cost around 250-270$.

Budgies are great pe

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