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BIRDS FOUND: Fairy Swallow Pigeon

Found: Long Island New York on 6/14/06

    This was found in Shirley New York. It is a rare and
    beautiful Black White Bar Fairy Swallow Pigeon.
    After it refused to fly anywhere we found it was a rare
    pet bird so we offered it corn and water. It has a band on
    its leg indicating a pet not a carrier pigeon. If you lost
    a bird like this you can let me know the tag information.
    If you are interested in it I will be glad to sell it if
    the owner does not surface in a reasonable time.
    Thank You
    By the way the link shows the identical bird but without
    the tag so you can see it.

Source to see identical bird (we have pics of the one here but want to keep band identity safe for owner id)

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