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BIRDS FOUND: Hand Tamed Quaker Found TEXAS AREA

Found: YOU TELL ME WHERE on 7/02/06

    I was contacted about a month ago in the dallas ft.worth
    area about a lady who had a quaker given to her by a man
    who found this quaker. The man found it out in his trees in
    his yard and kept the bird 2 weeks before giving the bird
    to a little old lady and her husband. She in turn contacted
    me to come take the bird who did not like her at all. Plus
    he had began plucking his chest area. So I have the bird
    and have had no trouble out of him at all. And he hasn't
    plucked himself one time sence I got him either. He talks
    and tries to make out with my hand and has bonded very
    quickly to my family and my other hand tamed female quaker
    who he was courting today and showing off for. If you think
    this may be your bird please email me to identify the bird
    and tell me what words he says and what city he was found
    in and other things you can tell me about him to identify
    him with. Otherwise he is mine forever! He had only been
    missing 3 weeks when I got him, but I have had him about a
    month now. Thanks!

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