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BIRDS FOUND: African Grey Congo - Inky

Found: Los Angeles, Ca - SanVincente & laBrea on 8/18/06

    Thank you so much! To a man named John & his family who
    found my bird and contacted a bird breeder in La and they
    pciked up my bird and took care of him until they found
    me... Miracles do happen! So for all you people out there
    searching for your lost birds... make sure you post on
    Craigs list since that is how they found me and pass your
    flyers out, it does help! Again Thanks so much to Sheri
    and her family who were so wonderful in rescuing my
    Inky... And good luck to everyone in finding your lost
    birds.... Smiles April

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  • Birds Found: African Grey Congo - Inky, 8/18/06, Found: Los Angeles, Ca - SanVincente & laBrea.