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BIRDS FOUND: Cockatiel pair and spares (Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania)

Found: Lissa Hotl on 11/01/06

    We are cutting back on our breeders due to my ill health.
    2 10 month old singles. male is a pied, and the hen is a pearl pied. they are brother and sister. They are handfeds, and were hand tamed, but haven't been handled for awhile. can be pets with a little work, or breeders $60 each.
    WF pied male and a grey/wf and pied hen. This pair is 2 years old and not proven. The male is one of our babes, and the hen we have had since she was 6 weeks old. NOT proven $125. email for more info.
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  • Birds Found: Cockatiel pair and spares (Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania), 11/01/06, Found: Lissa Hotl.