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BIRDS FOUND: American Parakeets (Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania)

Found: Lissa Hotl on 11/01/06

    We are cutting back on our stock due to my ill health.
    We have 6 parakeets all around a year old.various mutations and colors.$10 each or all 6 for $50.
    We have 1 single yellowfaced blue DP baby. She is almost a clear pied, only 2 blue feathers on a pale yellow body.DOH 6/17/06.She is handfed and knows step up, but hasn't been handled much lately,so needs some work. $15
    5 babes still in the nestbox. should be ready by Dec. 1st. All blue and whites. $15 each. email for more info.
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  • Birds Found: American Parakeets (Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania), 11/01/06, Found: Lissa Hotl.