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BIRDS FOUND: For Sale or Trade, Macaws (Elizabeth, Colorado)

Found: Sheryl Beireis on 11/02/06

    For sale or trade for smaller bird(s).

    My brother in law has had a stroke and is unable to care for them. He does however love them and would like a smaller bird or birds. We may be able to deliver them.

    He has a Scarlett Macaw he wants to sell or trade for sure. I was told he is a 7 yr old male called Big Boy.

    The other is his favorite, a female B & G. She has a feather problem. My brother in law had her feathers tested and there is nothing wrong with her. He thinks she just nurvouse because she was his only bird then he got the scarlet and she doesn't like Him. They are both free flight birds in a bay window avery. They both talk very good and have been spoiled. They eat Large bill bird seed with fresh veggies and grains.

    I am sure at this point he will sell them very reasonable since he has contacted a rescue service here in Elizabeth. But they want way too much to take them and the medical they want their birds to go through first, however reasonable, is expensive.

    He also has a large Bird cage for sale.

    Thanks for your consideration and advice,

    Sheryl Beiries
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