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BIRDS FOUND: Handfed Babies!!! Lots to choose from (Utica, Ohio)

Found: Kelley Robinson on 11/10/06

    Following is a bunch of wonderful babies that I currently have up for sale:

    * Congo African Grey; 7 months old. Buckeye is a very well socialized baby. Will go to anyone. He has 3 white toes and a matching white tip on his tongue. Can’t go wrong with this beautiful baby… $975
    * Sun Conures; 8/14 & 8/24 love to be held, just adorable babies - $350 ea.
    * Blue Crown Conures; doh: 9/19/06 - $395 Only 1 left!!
    * Greenwing macaw; This big ‘boy/girl’ is a big lap dog, sure to win your heart. DOH 6/17/06 $1,475.00 (pending deposit)
    * White Cap Pionus Babies; 6/24, 6/25, 6/28. Vet checked and surgically sexed. Weaned and ready to go – $395 (only 1 Baby left!)
    * Pineapple Green-Cheek surgically sexed hen; on 1 comfort feeding a day. All have been sold except this little girl. She is an absolute sweetheart - $375
    * Panama Amazon; doh: 8/30, 8/31 and 9/3/06 I think the most gentlest and my favorite of all the amazons - $1,175 (1 sold, 1 pending)
    * Blue Front Amazon; (Parents also for sale) doh 9/25/06 - $875 (sold) Have a friend that has babies. Email for more info
    * Congo African Greys babies; 3 big fat babies have hatched out. 10/14, 10/17 and 10/22/06 - $975
    ***** Dusky Conures are on eggs..

    Prices are for weaned babies.
    *_* Unless noted at this time I do not sell babies out of the nest, sorry…

    All babies are water bottle trained and on Roudybush
    Shipping available, weather permitting.
    30% non-refundable deposit required to hold / Accept Cash, Bank transfer, Postal money orders and PayPal

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