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Lost: Phoenix, Arizona area on 6/02/09

    Please be on the lookout if you live in the Western US area for:

    Jaden - 2 1/2 year old male goffins cockatoo. Is a mild
    plucker and is missing feathers from his chest. Missing
    several tail feathers, and was almost fully flighted when taken.

    Mika - 1 year old male green quaker parrot. TALKS! Says
    watcha doing, mika mika mika, monkeybutt (most common
    phrases). Has a slightly overgrown beak which was just
    trimmed a couple of weeks ago.

    Bailey - Female blue Indian Ringneck parakeet. Blue with a
    red beak..missing all of her tail feathers.

    These birds were stolen from their home in the Phoenix,
    Arizona area on 6/01.

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