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Lost: Canada, Richmond, British Columbia on 7/23/09

    We've lost a male grey cockatiel on Sunday July 19th.

    Country: Canada
    State: British Columbia
    City: Richmond
    Breed: Cockatiel
    Color: Normal Grey
    Name of Bird: Koko
    Date Lost: July 19th
    Location Lost (streets): Camlann Court, around the
    intersection of Francis and Railway
    Zip Code Lost: V7C 4S1
    Age: Unknown, probably around 15. An older bird.
    Sex: Male
    Common Saying: Whistling, making kissing/meowing sounds,
    especially at his reflection.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Flight feathers on one
    wing have not completely grown back, so one wing looks
    longer than the other. Hes also quite petite for a male
    Owner Name: Liza
    Owner Phone: (604) 272-0562
    Owner Email:

    Comments: This cockatiel was a member of the family. I
    rescued him after he was abandoned and got him back to
    health again I love him more than words can describe. He
    is probably scared after being out on his own, and we
    would appreciate it immensely if we could have him back.

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