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Lost: San Diego, CA on 8/10/09

    My 10 year old male cockatiel, Pepper, flew out of the
    apartment today at about 11:15am.

    He's gray, with white trimmed wings, yellow face and bright
    orange cheek patches. We searched the neighborhood, but
    couldn't hear him screeching after awhile.

    He usually doesn't let other people touch him, but he might
    get desperate and come to anyone, or even your outdoor pet
    bird enclosures. If you spot him (any cockatiel really, they
    all look the same) or hear frantic, incessant
    screeching/screaming/chirping, please call me and let me
    know the location!

    He likes to have his head scratched and sing to your feet!
    He can wolf whistle, make phone ringing sounds (the pager of
    a portable home phone), make kissing noises, and mimic the
    microwave beeping and the sound of tooth brushing. His
    favorite foods are scrambled eggs, popcorn, bread, millet,
    macaroni and cheese, and pretty much all carbohydrates.

    I'll pay a reward for information leading to his safe return.


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