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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Green Cheeck Conure

Lost: Saratoga/Cupertino, California on 8/13/09

    Zappy is a very friendly bird to all people. He is a mid
    sized bird with a body that can fit within the palm of your
    hand.He has green feathers on his back and wings and darker
    colored feathers on his head. He has a long bright red tail
    that fans out when he flies. A curved black beak with green
    cheeks. He has black eyes with white skin around them. He
    has red feathers on his belly and yellow feathers on the
    under side of the rest of his body. He has Dark scaled feet
    with sharp curved black nails. Zappy was raised in an
    iranian household, therefore he responds to: "B-ee-a zappy"
    = come here, along with snapping your fingers.

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