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Lost: Gurnee, IL on 8/22/09

    I am trying to find my two male Alexandrines that I
    believe were sold here on Hoobly after being taken from my
    home under false pretenses. They were beloved family
    members and go by the name of "Leo" and "Scooby". They
    both talk and Scooby will say his name, sing the Scooby-
    Doo theme song and say many other things. They are missed
    not only by us but by my other birds who still call for
    them even many months later. We believe the person who
    took them has sold or tried to resell them here on Hoobly.
    I am offering a $500 reward for each of them. There are
    distinguishing things about them so I will need proof that
    they are in fact my birds. They were very bonded and I
    believe this person may have sold them seperately for
    breeding purposes. Please, if you know anything about
    these birds or suspect this person may have contacted you,
    please let me know. I am desperate to know where my babies
    are. Thanks so much. Also, this man goes by several

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