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Lost: San Jose, California on 8/31/09

    Peachy is a pied cockatiel that is very tame and friendly,
    she gravitates towards people and responds to her name and
    whistling. She "peeps" and whistles a lot especially while
    flying or when nervous. I am not positive of the gender, we
    say "she" but she was adopted and her gender has never been
    confirmed. She tends to land on people's head, shoulder,
    extended arm/hand, She has very dark orange circles on her
    cheeks and a yellow crest. She can be tempted with popcorn
    or spray millet, She was last seen at 2:00 pm on August
    30th, near the intersection of Redmond and Meridian,
    specifically Paso Los Cerritos. She does not have her wings
    clipped and she is a very good flier, though she gets tired
    after a short distance or after flying for more than a
    minute or so. Reward offered for safe return. Please E-mail
    Nicole Lyons at or call (408) 829-9229
    or (408) 307- 2621 if peachy is sighted or a cockatiel is
    heard in the area. Peachy is my best friend and is like one
    of my children. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank
    you very much, Nicole Pictures available upon request

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