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Lost: Elgin, Illinois a N/W Suburb of Chicago on 9/16/09

    Please Help Peaches Find His Way Home!! Peaches is a 15
    year old Cockatiel Bird. His head and crest is yellow, he
    has orange cheeks and some grey around his beak. His
    stomach is pale yellow with a couple of patches of pale
    grey. His wings are dark grey with patches of white and
    his wings are white tipped as well. His back is grey and
    white. His tail feathers are yellow, white, and grey. He
    also responds to Pete and Peetie and says "Pretty Birdie"
    to the best of his ability. Peaches has been missing since
    June 13th, 2009 and could be anywhere at this time. We are
    extremely heartbroken and miss him more than words can
    describe. We are offering a LARGE REWARD for his safe
    return. If you have seen him or if you have him PLEASE
    return him. No questions will be asked and you will still
    receive the reward. We just want him home safely again.
    His picture is posted on the Chicago area craigslist and
    on 911parrotalert along with additional information. Our
    Phone number is 847-452-9187. Thank you for any and all

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