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Lost: Silver Bell Road and Ballantrae Road in Eagan, MN on 9/17/09

    On August 31 I lost my male cockatiel Chip. Since then I
    have been searching and searching for my little friend but
    have had no success. I miss him so and would do anything
    to find him again. Chip has a yellow head with orange
    cheek patches, his belly is grey and white, his body is
    mostly grey and white and his wingtips are completely
    white. His two distinct features are: On his back he has
    what looks like a white check mark and on his right claw
    he has one toenail that is shorter than his other nails.
    There is a nail but it is very short. He loves to wolf
    whistle and is very tame. If anyone has found my little
    friend please contact me (LORI) at my email address or my
    home phone number at 651-340-0381. Reward if found.

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