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Lost: Davie, FL on 9/23/09

    I lost 2 Lovebirds May 7, 2009 in Davie, FL. One
    lovebird "Sydney" is a cinnamon lovebird with a white
    face. She is very tame, whistles, and gives kisses. She
    likes to sit down the front of my shirt. The other
    Lovebird that got out with her is a young bird. This bird
    may be a male, not confirmed though with a reddish head,
    yellow and green body and a blue tail. Other colors may
    be mixed in, but the bird hadnt molted yet. Its been
    almost 5 months since they have been gone and I havent
    given up the search--anyone spots them please call (954)
    687-2428 My name is Corinne--THANK YOU!!!!

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