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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Rainbow Lorikeet

Lost: East 37th street between Quentin rd & Ave R Brooklyn NY 11234 on 9/24/09

    I lost my Rainbow Lorikeet on 9/14/09, he was lost on 37th
    street between Quentin rd & Ave R

    I received a call yesterday evening stating he flew into
    the candy store-

    Ammar Mini Mart @ 2070 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234
    between Ave P & Quentin rd (closer to P, 2 doors down from
    the pharmacy - phone number 718-421-6460

    The caller stated a small black & white cat chased the bird
    in, it landed on a shelf and the guy in the store wrapped
    him in a towel and took him upstairs

    Of course I raced over to ask

    At first the guy said no bird ever came in the store, then
    when I told him someone that was in the store at the time
    called me and told me they saw it, he then changed the
    story and said yes a bird did come in but he let it go, he
    then asked where did I lose my bird, I said 37th & Quentin.
    He asked how did the bird get over here?
    If he let the bird go, he KNOWS it can fly, when I stated
    that fact, he then changed the story again saying the bird
    just sat on the fence
    then as I questioned more he said it couldn't be my bird
    because the bird that came in the store was very small and
    wasn't colorful (NOT WHAT HE SAID 2 MIN BEFORE)
    The caller saw my flyers and he's not your average bird,
    hard to mistake him for any other type of bird wild or not
    and they were so certain it WAS my bird

    The guy just seemed like he was lying, I don't know if I'm
    just in such a panic state that I just want him to have him
    or what, but the changing story makes me so uneasy

    I went back to the store this morning, The guy I spoke to
    this morning had just about the same changing story

    I brought a flyer with me and asked if he'd ever seen this
    bird, he said no
    Then I said I was here last night and the guy working
    confirmed that the bird did fly into the store
    He said oh yea I remember, what did he tell you happened to
    the bird?
    I said no, no you tell me what happened to the bird
    He said, he probably let him go
    I got very upset, and started arguing with him
    He asked what would they do with a bird, I said I don't
    know the other guy said he has a daughter, maybe he allowed
    her to keep it and now feels bad taking it back?
    It's a beautiful unusual bird that can speak & is very
    He said that couldn't have happened because they don't even
    like birds, meanwhile the guy last night said they used to
    have parrots

    Something just doesn't add up, why would someone with
    nothing to gain lie about this?
    And how would they know about the cat (I saw the cat last
    night so I know I'm in the right store, and both times -
    last night & this morning they had the back door open so
    it's so possible, they have a small garden in the back yard
    the bird was probably looking for something to eat, as I
    said he eats nectar, fruit & flowers so a garden would be
    attractive to him)

    Once again I am asking for all the help I can get

    If you know something about this incident (maybe you were
    in the store at the time, heard something about it etc)
    PLEASE contact me 347-671-4848

    If you know/visit this store - Ammar Mini Mart @ 2070
    Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234 between Ave P & Quentin rd -
    closer to P, 2 doors down from the pharmacy - phone number

    PLEASE ask if they have my bird and ask to PLEASE return

    If you live in the neighborhood, ask anyone you know who
    may use this store to PLEASE ask about my bird

    There is a REWARD to anyone who gets him back to me

    I'm also asking advice, should I just let this go?
    Someone said I should call the police but I don't have any
    evidence that they still have my bird (although I am SURE
    it was MY bird that flew into their store)

    I make another plea to anyone in the area, PLEASE keep your
    eyes & ears open for my lost Lorikeet

    It was MY BIRD in the store IF the guy let him go he's

    If you have him, know who has him, see him or think you've
    seen him PLEASE contact 347-671-4848

    I am extremely worried about him, he's not an ordinary
    parrot as he does not eat seeds, he's a nectar eater and
    has a very special diet

    He looks just like this bird with the exception of his head
    being a dark plumb color
    He is friendly and will not bite

    If you are able to catch him PLEASE DO NOT give him any
    seeds, you can offer him some honey or sugar water or fresh
    fruit (grapes, apple, pear etc) for the time being

    I have his hatch certificate as proof of ownership (with
    band #)

    PLEASE I beg if you see him or are able to catch him or
    hear of someone finding a very colorful bird - call 347-671-
    4848 ASAP

    $$$REWARD$$$ is being offered

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