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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Black Capped Conure (Green Amazonian Parrot)

Lost: Culver City, California at Vinton Ave. and Regent St. on 10/25/09

    Please help us find our beloved bird! His name is Onyx and
    he is a 5 year old green parrot with distinct black and
    white scalloped feathers around his neck. He also has red
    tipped shoulders and he is banded around his right foot with
    the letters "FL" on it for Florida where he was born. He is
    very friendly and will respond to his name or other
    whistles. He is fully flighted and unfortunately escaped
    out of our house in Culver City near Vinton Ave. and Regent
    St. on Sunday afternoon, 10/25/09. The closest major
    intersection in Venice Blvd. and Motor Ave. He makes loud
    screams and clicks that are characteristic of parrots but
    unlike any other typical wild songbird. It would be easy to
    distinguish his calls from other wild birds. Hi has a long
    green tail about 6 inches long and is also about 6 inches
    tall. Please contact us if found or seen, we are very
    distraught over his loss and are heart broken. Will reward
    if found and returned safely.

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