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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Congo African Grey (Grey with bright red tail)

Lost: Turtle Lake Subd. Houston Texas on 11/12/09

    Please help me to find my friend...I miss him dearly. He
    crawled through the dog door and by the time I got the
    door opened and reached for him he flew over the top of
    the house. I had no idea that he could do this..this
    happend on Wednesday November 11, 2009. I think that I
    heard him this morning but I could not locate the sound. I
    am offering a reward for him. I call him 'he' but I never
    had him DNA.. his name is Conure...he is greatly
    missed...I feel like someone has me in a vise and is
    squeezing but I've not given up. Reach me at 832-731-1450

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