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Lost: Jamaica Plain, MA on 12/26/09

    LOST: One yr old Meyers Parrot. Grey,green,yellow and
    blue. Heis bigger than a parakeet, but smaller than most
    conures. He was hand tamed, but very frightened by now.
    Lost 4 weeks ago on a 60 degree day and taken by someone
    with good intentions. But I desperately want him back. He
    was trained to visit the elderly and a preschool, and did
    so almost every day. He will die physically without the
    right food, and he will die emotionally if locked in a
    cage all day. His mate misses him TERRIBLY. There is $150
    reward for information leading to his return. His cage is
    decorated with signs of HOPE, and his christmas presents
    will not be moved until he comes home. He may be nippy
    after being lost from home for almost a month.

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