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Lost: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 2/09/10

    I lost my female cockatiel Shyloh. She has a gray body, a
    white patch on the front edge of both wings, pink feet, a
    yellow and gray crown, her tail has gray feather on the
    top and the underside has yellow feathers (yellow feathers
    have black lines going across them), she has faded orange
    cheeks, she also has a yellow zig zag type pattern on her
    face starting just under her beak continuing up the center
    of her face and ends just above her eyes. She does not
    have her wings clipped. She may be shy/scared of strangers
    she was not totaly hand tamed she was still a little
    nervous with new people handling her. Shyloh loves to sit
    on my head, shoulder, and the collar of my shirt. She is
    really missed so if anyone has seen her or knows anything
    about where she is I would greatly appreciated. There is
    also a REWARD for whoever brings her home to me.

    Thank You, Kaitlyn

Shyloh's Pics

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