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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Tame parrot birds for good offer

Lost: California on 3/02/10

    We want to downsize our aviary and we presently have the
    following species parrot birds ready for a new and loving
    homes. Price are very moderate and all our birds will come
    with health records and other necessary things.Take look
    from the list bellow and get back to us with your order.
    -Pair of Hyacinth macaw.
    -2 Male African Congo Grey.
    -1 Female African Congo Grey.
    -Pair of Scarlet macaw.
    -Pair of Blue and Gold macaw.
    -3 Palm and Umbrella cockatoos.
    -4 Amazons.
    -Pair of Toco Toucans.
    We can sell all at once for good price. Please contact us
    for more information and pictures.

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