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Lost: Aylett, Virginia on 3/12/10

    Our bird's name is Lenny. He flew away yesterday (3/11/10)in
    Aylett, Virginia on Dogwood ct./Courtney Lane when was
    letting my dog in from outside. He is gray with white edged
    wings, yellow face with orange spots. He is a pearl and if
    you are close enough to him you can see faint spots on his
    wing feathers. His tail feathers are a faint gray at the
    base of his tail but get darker as they go down. He doesn't
    like hands or fingers but will step up on your hand if he
    learns to trust you. He chirps, catcalls, and sins Dixie
    (although a little off key). His companion and us miss him
    dearly. Please help us find him! If you think you have found
    him please email and we will send you his picture.

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