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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Normal Gray Cockatiel

Lost: Baldwin, New York on 4/13/10

    Hello. Our sweet male Cockatiel went missing after he flew
    out our front door on Monday the 4th of April. We tried to
    find him, but it was impossible with all the other birds
    in the air. We really miss him. He loves to have the
    feathers on his head ruffled and massaged, and loves to
    sit on your shoulder and whistle in your ear. Once in a
    while, he will enjoy a light shower when water from a
    spray bottle is sprayed on him. He is very noisy with all
    his screeches and squawks, but he cannot say any words.
    When we adopted him, he was named Scottie, but he looked
    more like a female back then since he was young and hadn't
    moulted yet. Threfore we named him Silvette. Then, we
    found out he was a male after he had moulted, so that is
    why he has a female name. I don't think he minds though,
    because he answers you when you call his name and he will
    climb up your arm when you put your hand there for him. He
    also doesn't mind eating from your hand, and loves to chew
    on string and munch on lettuce. He is so adorable, and we
    are devestated to have him out there somewhere in the vast
    open sky, not knowing where he is going, or what he is
    doing. Please help us find him. Thank-you all. Classified

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