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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: whiteface cockatiel

Lost: decatur, illinois; far west end on 5/10/10

    Sydney is our beloved cockatiel who flew off when he got
    into our garage on 4/16/2010. He was spotted several
    times around our neighborhood in the next couple days, but
    hasnt been seen for awhile. We have posted ads, flyers
    and searched around the area daily, calling him. He is a
    whiteface cockatiel, pewter grey with white banding on his
    wings and the completely white face. He is about 12 inches
    from top of head to tip of tail. He can whistle Revelle
    and loves to whistle and sing. If you see him or have him
    please let us know. We miss him so much Reward. 217-972-

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