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Lost: Howell, NJ on 5/31/10

    LOST: 1 Year old Sun Conure Bird. Winged Foot Court
    Townhouse Development in Howell, New Jersey.

    "Mango" Don't Chase, He will get scared and fly away. He
    flew out of the townhouse around 1-2 pm 5-27-10

    Went missing outdoors on Thursday 5/27/10
    You may hear him saying "Hello" or doing a bird
    shreik/squak that he normally does, that can be loud at
    times, and definitely heard if you are outside. He does
    have a tag on his ankle that has an ID Number. He is a
    pet, and is fed daily. He is still very young, so please
    keep an eye out for him, he is brightly colored so he will
    be easy to see.

    As of Monday 5-31-10, pet bird is still msising, please
    keep a lookout for him, he could approach people by now if
    he has not had regular access to food. so let us know if
    you see him in your area or if a friend says they have
    found a brightly colored bird. Appreciate it !

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