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Lost: Bronx/Mount Vernon Borderline, NY on 6/02/10

    Country: USA State: Bronx/Mount Vernon Borderline City: New
    York Breed: Congo African Grey Color: Grey and white with
    bright red tail Name of Bird: Dusty Date Lost: May 14, 2010
    Location Lost (streets): Pratt and Kingsbridge Road Zip
    Code Lost: 10466 Age: 6 Sex: Male Banded?: Yes
    Microchipped?: Yes Common Saying: What up, Hello, come,
    what do you want Distinguishing Characteristics: Medical
    Issues: No Reward?: Yes Owner Name: Wendel and Marie
    Charlton Owner Phone: 917-453-2865 / 917-282-0669 Owner
    Email: [chrissiecharl (AT)] Comments: Please
    help Dusty back home to us, we miss him very much - beyond
    words and need him home. He is very loving to us and we
    love him, he loves to whistle "pop goes the weasel" and
    "Yes, Jesus loves me". He loves to eat apple, bread with
    seeds or peanuts, if someone offers him that he will go to
    them, his favorite treat is jelly beans. If anyone hear him
    or see him, please call us as soon as possible, and we will
    come and get him, if someone has him please call us, no
    questions asked, we just want him back home, we do not know
    if he us outside still or inside a home, however, he must
    be hungry now and he gets scared very easily. Please help,
    any kind of help is appreciated, thanks to all.

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