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Lost: Howell, NJ MONMOUTH COUNTY on 6/03/10

    still LOST. as of 6-3-2010
    Owner: Terrence

    Missing: Mango, One Year Old Sun Conure from Howell, New
    Jersey. Winged Foot Court Townhouse Development Are.

    LOST: 1 Year old Sun Conure Bird. Winged Foot Court
    Townhouse Development in Howell, New Jersey.
    "Mango" Don't Chase, He will get scared and fly away. He
    flew out townhouse around 1-2 pm 5/27/10.

    He is about 12 inches long beak to tail and has bright
    orange and yellow feathers on neck and body. Red feathers
    around the eyes and green feathers on edge of wings.

    He also has a silver ID band on his right leg.
    He is a pet, and is fed daily. He is still very young,
    so please keep an eye out for him, he is brightly colored
    so he will be easy to see.

    If you say "hello" he will respond back. He may also step
    onto your finger if you say "step up". Take it slow.
    Offering food will help. He will always accept bread.

    * Also, he may do a loud shriek that you can tell appart
    from the normal bird sounds.
    He always does this shriek in pairs.

    Please let me know ASAP If you see him.
    email to:

    He could be miles away now, so even if you aren't in
    Howell, or surrounding areas and find a conure that
    matches this description, please email and we can identify
    him by his Silver Foot Band.

    My Conure has been missing for a week now, please keep a
    lookout for him, he could approach people by now if he has
    not had regular access to food. so let us know if you see
    him in your area or if a friend says they have found a
    brightly colored bird. Relying now on the good natured
    animal loving people out there to help bring this very
    missed bird back home.

Lost Sun Conure. MANGO

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