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Lost: Richmond, Virginia on 7/03/10

    Hi, I tried to post on your website but it would not let
    me complete it. Please help, I lost a Cockatiel and my
    wife and I are devastated. This is what I tried to post
    but it said there was an error.

    She is grey and has a yellow Mohawk with orange blush
    spots on her face. She is about 8 inches tall and the end
    of her tail feathers are burnt. She also has a silver tag
    bracelet around her ankle. She chirps once when you yell
    her name. She is very friendly but scares easily. If you
    find her she will probably land on your shoulder and you
    would have to walk inside because she sometimes scares at
    hands coming towards her if they aren't mine. We are
    devastated about losing her. Please help!

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