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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Dusky Headed Conure

Lost: Oakland on the fruitvale area, CA on 9/24/10

    Fruitvale Area,Oakland, CA

    KUIKUI was last seen on Sep 22 at 7:30PM on E. 17th St.
    and 27 Ave. flying towards Foothill
    She is a all green small parrot with dark blue fathers on
    her tail. She has no feathers on one side of her chest.
    She is wearing a blue metal band on her right leg with the
    numbers 2920. She says poop poop time and Kuikui, her
    name. Wing feathers are not trimmed. Her favorite food is
    sun flower seeds.

    Her Family is missing her. Please call Mariela at (510)
    827-7129) Or email at
    Reward Offered

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