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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Domestic Pigeon

Lost: San Diego, CA on 11/15/10

    On November 10th my beloved family member, “Beezer Bird”,
    escaped our house and flew away. Have you seen her?
    She is a white domestic pigeon with a few brown spots. I
    raised her from a baby so she is very tame. She likes
    people and music so she may gravitate towards someone,
    even a stranger.
    Her wings are NOT clipped and she is NOT banded.
    She was last seen in Clairemont/Bay Park area, heading
    south towards Tecolote.
    Please take a close look around your neighborhood and your
    work, she may be there. Please email me if you see her.
    If you can catch her, you can bring her to the Project
    Wildlife Care Center, at 887 ˝ Sherman St, off of Morena
    Blvd. They will make sure she gets to me & provide
    medical care if she is injured.

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