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Lost: Novato, Ca on 5/11/11

    Name: Laxmi Last Seen: 4/28/11 in Novato, CA Breed: Sun
    Conure Description: Very colorful feathers, has a little
    silver bracelet around her right leg, her eyes are greyish
    (which means she is an older bird) Reward: yes! Please

    My bird has flown away, so to all of you in Novato or near
    Novato/ bay area (she could honestly be anywhere) PLEASE
    LOOK AROUND if you're out and about. She is very, very
    colorful and would be quite easy to spot. If you know
    anyone who has recently acquired a sun conure or seen one,
    please ask about it. And please spread the word.

    Thank you.

    UPDATE: Someone said they spotted an orange parrot in
    Howarth Park (630 Summerfield Road, Santa Rosa) on Saturday
    and Sunday. Went there 4/10/11 with no luck. But if you are
    in the area, please keep your eyes pealed!

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