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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Yellow Cheek Pied Cockatiel

Lost: Sterling Heights,MI on 6/02/11

    Geronimo is a Yellow Cheek Pied,10 months old, with what we
    call a dirty face.He has a mainly white/cream/yellow body
    with grey markings,one feather on his back is half grey and
    half white.yellow/cream tail,odd grey/yellow markings n
    back and lower body.He escaped his cage through a small
    window in his cage he apparently knew how to open while
    outdoors for some healthful sun a few hours ago now.Seen in
    a Tree at 43122 Calais,kitty corner from my home at 43141
    Calis,Sterling Heights,MI 48314.I will try to capture him
    in the morning via a roof from another homeowner friend in
    the morning and bring part of his flock out with me,if
    possible.He is very scared of the trees and will not come
    down at this time even though my husband climbed the tree
    he is in for the night.Keep an eye out for my baby,we are
    so upset.If you live in the Sterling Heights area,watch
    your birdfeeders and set some plain seed or pellet out for
    my little man,thank you.

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