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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Parakeet ( Budgerigar )

Lost: Woodmore ( Monument ), Colorado, USA on 6/19/11

    We need your help!

    We've lost our female parakeet on 06/16/2011. She is about 1
    year old, bright yellow with some olive green large spots
    and some greyish little markings on the wings. She keeps on
    one leg one of her claw toes in the front instead of in the
    back and it's the shorter claw on the inside of the foot.

    We have lost her in the community of Woodmore ( part of
    Monument ) in Colorado. We have last seen our bird in a
    tree where the street Lone Scout Lookout and Old Antlers Way
    cross each other.

    Please contact me, if you have any information about my
    bird. Thank you very much for your help!

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