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Lost: Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii on 6/24/11

    My African Grey Parrot flew off twards Pearl Harbor side
    of the military joint base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on 21 June
    2011 while trying to come outside with my son and I. She
    is very tame and loving, and is mildly clipped and goes by
    the name of Sunshine. She talks very well, but the words
    she likes to say the most is Tyler, Sunshine, get in the
    shower, I love you, Sunshine's a good girl, and she sings
    the song Penut Butter and Jelly over and over again.
    Sunshine is chipped and registered with PetLink to me so
    if she is taken to any vet clinic or the humane society
    she will be identified as lost when scanned. Sunshine is a
    very loved member of my family and we are asking that if
    you find her to please contact myself or take her to any
    vet clinic or the humane society so she can come home. She
    is on a special diet and, as with any African Grey,
    requires a lot of love and attention.

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