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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure

Lost: Orlando(Dr. Philips/ SW), Florida on 12/31/11

    She has green wings, a red tail, a grey head with green
    cheeks, white circles around her eyes, and a reddish-orange
    underbelly. She has a red band around her right leg; it is
    an identification tag from when she was a baby.
    I live in Clubhouse Estates in the Dr. Philips area(SW
    Orlando) and I am absolutely devastated by the loss. She
    flew out the back door unexpectedly and into a tree. We lost
    sight of her at dusk and have no idea where she could have
    gone to. She is afraid of any type of stick or cloth, but is
    friendly around people. I got her when she was a baby and
    she has been my constant companion for the past three and a
    half years. If anyone has any information, PLEASE contact me
    immediately! 407-761-2307 Anytime day or night. She means
    the world to me. There is a reward for her return so please
    please please return her to her home if you find her. I miss
    her so much. My name is Haley. Hers is Kaiya

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