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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Meyer's Parrot

Lost: Reseda, CA on 1/27/12

    Midori is a Meyer's parrot with a grey head/back, green
    belly and lower back, and a yellow patch on her head right
    above her beak as well as on either wing. She was lost on
    the corner of Vanalden Ave and Wyandotte St, flying toward
    Sherman Way on Friday 1.27.12. She chirps, makes beeper
    ringing noises, whistles/cat calls, meows like a cat, and
    whimpers like a puppy. She imitates the signal of the
    crossing street light (the noise it makes to countdown how
    much time you have left to cross a busy street). Also, she
    enjoys hanging upside down like a bat, rapidly swinging
    from side to side. We call her Midori as well as Pretty
    bird, so she may answer to both!! She is dearly missed so
    if found please PLEASE call/txt 805.469.3676 or email at REWARD offered!!

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